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Islamabad is famous for its beautiful nature, beautiful views and lush parks. The capital also plays a major role in developing the world’s best schools, top universities, government and private universities in Islamabad to promote Pakistan’s education sector. Islamabad has all the beautiful merchandise. Whether it’s a park in Islamabad or a picnic spot in Islamabad, they all have views of the landscape and greenery. In this blog, we are going to talk about the 5 best picnic spots in Islamabad.

Rose and Jasmine Park

The Roses and Jasmine Park is one of the most beautiful places in Islamabad and you will find the most charming setting with a variety of flowers and shrubs. As the name suggests, this is a flower garden that offers visitors a majestic fragrance. One of the best places in Islamabad is the Public Garden, a famous park. This name was given to the park because there are dominant varieties of rose and jasmine. It spans more than 40 Canal territories and has more than 200 exotic roses and 12 varieties of jasmine. It is also a major reason for attracting foreign tourists. CDA – Capital Development Authority was responsible for maintaining and organizing the park’s seasonal flower manifests. Visitors to the Pakistan Monument, Shakarparian and Lok Virsa Heritage Museum should consider attending the Rose and Jasmine Park. There is no doubt that you will never forget your time here.

Here are the facilities that make the park one of the best places to visit in Islamabad.

  • walking and running track
  • cycling track
  • cafeteria
  • parking lot
  • seating area
  • picnic point

If you’re a gardener or flower lover, Rose and Jasmine Park is a must have on your list.

Margzar Zoo

Marghzar Zoo is also known as Islamabad Zoo. Located next to E-7 Pir Sohawa Rd, Islamabad. It started in 1978 as a wildlife park highlighting deer, monkeys, leopards, Indian gazelles, lions, bears, reptiles and fascinating birds. It spreads over a total area of ​​82 acres – 33 hectares and has an annual visitor rate of 1 million. Later, to represent the bird species, management built a birdhouse. The zoo has many gardens and parks where you can enjoy sightseeing. Marghzar Zoo is one of the famous places in Islamabad and is best for kids because of the variety of swings and activities you can see here. In May 2020, the zoo was closed by court order. However, in June 2021, management of the park was transferred to the Islamabad Wildlife Management Committee. Currently the zoo is under construction and the refurbishment of the zoo is designed as a conservation center. All animals are sent to temporary shelters. When construction is complete, Islamabad Zoo will be open to the public. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best places to visit in Islamabad.

Shakarparian National Park

If we were to talk about one of the most popular picnic spots in Islamabad, then Shakar Parian National Park would be at the top of the list. It holds the title of National Park. It is near the zero interchange and has direct access to the Islamabad highway. It is believed to be the site of the Pakistan Monument Museum. The Lok Virsa Heritage Museum is also nearby. It is said that an old Gakhar tribal ruler lived here before the Indo-Pak split in 1947. One of the most impressive things about this wonderful park is that the parade location is near where the March 23rd Pakistan Day Parade is organized. Located 609 meters above sea level, it is full of stunning trees and flowers that make Islamabad’s spectacular sights. All of this is what makes Shakar Parian Park one of the most popular and beautiful places in Islamabad. The best part is that many of the best restaurants and cafes serve delicious food to another level. There are also well-maintained jogging tracks and walking trails for residents and visitors.

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