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6 Things you need to know when you decorative your home

Posted by Content Writer on September 14, 2021

Stylish interior – the concept is very subjective and vague. Even expensive interior, at times, can look boring and rustic, and inexpensive atmosphere, on the contrary, can be fascinating and leave an indelible impression. To achieve the same “wow effect”, designers use interesting moves and emphasize stylish things. Which ones – read and see in our today’s post.

Soaring furniture
Dense, cluttered with decor and furniture interiors look sloppy and not stylish at all. In the trend – lightness, free space, abundance of air and light. Therefore, soaring furniture in the air today is very relevant. It is ideal for an interior of a small apartment: compact and light, it not only makes the design interesting, but also will save a little space.

Transparent furniture and round table
… Helps to achieve the same effect. Moreover, it is not only about the famous Louis Ghost chairs and their imitations, but also about other furniture made of transparent plastic or even glass. It dissolves in the interior, without creating visual noise, but invariably attracts attention by its eccentricity. About table: a round dining table is always stylish.

Smooth kitchen facades
If your kitchen is decorated in a classic style, then probably this option is not for you. But the modern kitchen interior will benefit from the choice of a sleek, laconic facade for a headset. Ideally, the push to open system.

Pictures in the kitchen
Since we are talking about the design of kitchens, here is another design “chip”: decorate the kitchen interior with paintings. And, not only in the zone of food intake, but also its preparation. It can be, of course, not only pictures, but also photographs, as well as posters. Protected by glass, images will not suffer from splashes and fumes when cooking.

Lamps on suspensions
Last year, lamps on suspensions could be called a special trend. This year, this is no less popular and looks still stylish in any room, whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Sofa by the window
Recently we wrote about how and where to put a sofa in the living room. And, believe me, the wall is not the only option. For example, a sofa at the window looks much more effective, and, most importantly, you have much more free space for the remaining three walls!

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