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If you live in Lahore and want to know more about the best Lahore places for local food in Lahore. So this content is designed for you. Today’s blog post topic is Where is the best place to enjoy local food in Lahore?

So if you live in Lahore as a tourist and want to explore the city’s culture and food, So please read this entire post till the end. Because this blog post will only cover one place with food details. Also, this article covers the different types of food streets and the best hotel locations.

Taste the best local food in Lahore.

There are thousands of food streets in Lahore where you can taste good food with cultural taste. However, in this post I will give you information about Lahore City’s oldest single food street that gives you a royal feel and a royal taste of food.

Old Anakali Food Street in Lahore

Old Anarkali is Lahore’s best food street. And this is a very famous place in Lahore. Most people already know, but tourists are not familiar with Anarkali food street. In fact, now Anarkali is split into two parts due to urbanization.

Therefore, Anarkali Bazaar has two main parts. One is the new Anarkali, and the second is the Old Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore. Both are very amazing and you can also see the history of Pakistan and the Mughals.

Now join me in discussing some of the best foods to try at Lahore’s new Anarkali Bazaar.

New Anarkali (Lahore Food Street)

New Anarkali is an extension of Old Anarkali and there is a lot to enjoy except food. But for now, we are only talking about food. So this place is also very famous for organic food. If we talk about the best dishes on the food street, then the list of dishes is given below.

Here is a list of shores you can enjoy with friends and family at Lahore Anarkali Bazaar Food Street. Check out these Foods In The Given List Below.

  • It’s chicken butter.
  • tikka booty.
  • Dahi Bali.
  • Spicy Shawarma.
  • Andy Walla Burger. (egg burger)
  • (feet of cows and goats).

So these are the only two best things to eat at Anarkali Food Street. And this has to do with the Old Anarkali Bazaar. So you can Surely visit these markets with your family & friends.

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