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Giant pandas firstborn is a healthy baby boy in singapore zoo

Posted by Content Writer on September 15, 2021

It’s a boy for giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia, who welcomed their firstborn at River Safari on 14 August 2021. After close to a month in the warm embrace of Jia Jia’s loving care, the panda cub is doing well and steadily growing day by day. The cub’s gender was unveiled by the #littleone’s father Kai Kai, who made the gender reveal as part of his 14th birthday celebrations.

With 14 blue and pink candles gracing his exhibit in the Giant Panda Forest, Kai Kai tugged on an enrichment gift which released a shower of blue confetti, along with carrots, which he enjoys crunching on. Kai Kai’s birthday falls on 14 September, about a month after the birth of his cub.

Singapore’s giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia’s firstborn is a healthy baby boy. The gender reveal was made by papa panda Kai Kai as part of his 14th birthday celebrations at the Giant Panda Forest in River Safari this morning. The cub turns 30-days old on 12 Sep 2021.

The gender of the cub was determined through a series of visual assessments performed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS)’s panda care team, led by Animal Care Officer, Ms Trisha Tay Ting Ni. This was subsequently confirmed in consultation with the team of experts from China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Panda (CCRCGP) who observed the cub through a series of photos and videos shared by the WRS panda care team.

The cub has not yet undergone a full veterinary examination because mama panda continues to be its primary caregiver. With Jia Jia continuing to be a super mum, there have so far been no reasons for any medical interventions. The close relationship between Jia Jia and her carers has allowed them to observe the cub at close range, enabling them to confirm the presence of external male genitalia.

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