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Property Knowledge for every one ( Episode1)

Posted by Content Writer on June 2, 2021

Question: In the Lower Burma Town and Village Lands Act, the ancestral land is also inherited from the previous ancestral lands.

Answer    : The owner of the ancestral land is the seller; Transfer Inheritance can be made. There is no need to rent land to the state. Only the land tax supervised by the Land Registry is paid. Land that can be legally renamed.

Question : I have built a six-story building on that land for 90 years. I own a 2 storey room with land. The grant has expired since 2014. The original grant was from me. The apartment will not be renewed due to problems with relatives living in the apartment. All grant changes are prohibited in the municipality. Some say that after three years from 2014, residents (relatives) have the right to extend the grant. Yes?

Answer : If the name of the land belonging to the interviewer, Daw Mar La Myint, is correct; Or purchased in stages from a reputable company; Only the purchaser in the deed, which is the proof of ownership, can legally change the name of the land. Land renewal can be done.

The property owner is not the same as the relative who lives in the apartment built on the land. Just living in an apartment does not make you a landlord. The name of the grant was changed in the township. Even if they object to the renewal, they will not be able to acquire land.

In other words, the current owner of the land is the Yangon Development Committee; Since only the nominal land leaseholder has a title deed in the Land Management Department, only the purchaser of the lease purchased under that name will be legally owned and entitled to do everything related to the land.

Question : Should I buy an apartment that has been built for 3 years and people have been living there for more than 2 years but the BCC has not yet been approved ??? What are the possible consequences of buying ??? It is known that there is no BCC near the deposit, so it has been postponed for a while. Please answer whether you should buy further or not. Thank you very much.

Answer : The rules issued by the Yangon City Development Committee stipulate that the construction work must be completed and submitted in writing to the City Development Committee within 30 days from the date of completion.

The committee shall instruct the Engineering Department (Building) to inspect the relevant building and submit the building completion report within 30 days.

The committee will issue a B.C.C. residence permit on the building if it is found to be completed in accordance with the building design.

Residential permits will be issued only if the buildings do not conform to the specified design and have been inspected and approved for renovation.

In this regard, Section 61 (d) of the Yangon City Development Law stipulates that no person shall construct a building which is different from the building design permitted by the Committee. In Article 61 (e): In any part of the building; It is also prohibited to enter or use without the permission of the committee.

Therefore, you should not buy an apartment without B.C.C at the time of purchase as you are not allowed to enter the building without a residence permit.

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