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Some facts to know when you plan to go and vist singapore

Posted by Content Writer on September 17, 2021

let me share some idea if you have plan to go singapore.

Offcourse firstly you have to buy air taicket from some cheap online platform. Expedia travel,, agoda etc..Aterthat you need check where you come from and it is need to enter country visa or not. Please check your respective embassy easily. Please make sure your passport expire date must be vaild.

And then, you will be thinking about spending limit of your budget, and consider to book hotel. Sigpaore have various kind of hotel services.  estiamte prices based on my experience SGD 20 to SGD 1000 per day. You can find hotel booking some website on online,, agoda etc…

Singapore have a lot of attraction place, but you don’t have much time to stay at singapore you definetly should be go below suggestion place.

Marina Bay Merlion park,

Sentosa island

China town

Singapore Zoo,

Universal Studio is located in sentosa island

Gardens by the bay

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Bugis Street

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

All this above mentioned places enough to visit 3-5 Days. And then, you can taste some singapore famous foods chicken rice, Chilli crab, Laksa, Char kuay teow, Hokkien prawn mee, Barbecued stingray, Fish head curry, Satay.

And also you can buy some discount branded things, But all this branded things they are not discount every time. It is depeend on seson, I suggest to visti the best moth come to visit sinapore November, December. So that you also can enjoy singapore Happy new year as well. Unless you are come to singapore bussiness trip, i have nothing to say idea about season.

Basically singapore have no weather season, but no need to worry about singapore a lot of place they have cover linkway. For travel you can take MRT or bus. But I would like to suggest to take bus instead of MRT. because most of MRT lines are underground. So you won’t see any enviorment. For bus, you still can see and enjoy enviorment. Please make sure download google map apps or SG bus apps. They will guid you easily how to travel.

Conclusion, singapore is one the best travel place in the world. Singapore official langauage ” English” . But if you can speak chinese language it would be better.

I hope you can enjoy and above we share information enough for you. If you want to know more info please contact to us


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