By | October 8, 2021

Peshawar is the capital of Pakistan Khyber Paktunkwa (KP) Province. Peshawar is a city in Pakistan known for its hospitality and delicious food. Peshawar’s food has been voted one of the best in the world. However, over time, Peshawar has developed many modern restaurants and tried to provide the best taste in all kinds of dishes. There are several restaurants responsible for providing the original taste of Peshawar food, famous for which Peshawar food is famous for. There is a Chinese restaurant in Peshawar, a fast food restaurant in Peshawar and a buffet restaurant in Peshawar. Peshawar’s restaurants are also known for their professional service, neat environment and cleanliness. Peshawar’s restaurant is the best place to bring family and friends for a delicious meal.

kyber charsitikka

It is located on University Road and has the title of one of the most recommended restaurants near Peshawar. Charsi Tikka is Peshawar’s most popular restaurant serving delicious meat karahi and grilled meats. It started out as a small shop, but over time it has become famous for the quality of its food. University Road is a hub for desi and traditional cuisine, especially beef and meat. Recently opened a branch in Islamabad as well. In the next few years they will open branches in other cities in Pakistan. Charsi Tikka is located at University Rd, Wahidabad Rahat Abad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Charsi Tikka is considered one of the best food places in Peshawar.

Senior restaurant

This is a senior restaurant serving the best flavors for decades. The head restaurant has proven to be one of the best food places in Peshawar. Renowned for providing the best customer service and food quality. Chief Restaurant is also listed as one of the best fast food restaurants in Peshawar. The services they provide are affordable but priceless in terms of quality. The restaurant is spacious and impressive enough to accommodate many people at once. The restaurant’s chief has a long service life and is an expert in making pizzas and burgers. Their menu isn’t limited to burgers and pizza, but actually has a variety of Chinese dishes. This restaurant is also one of the best in the university town of Peshawar.

Cafe crunch

Cafe Crunch is Ms. It was the first cafe opened by a woman named Sadia Bilour. Cafe Crunch always thinks of its customers by providing them with quality customer service. It is also one of the most sought-after restaurants in the university city of Peshawar, where you can enjoy delicious food at an affordable price. Although competition is fierce around Café Crunch, Sadia Villeur’s dedication has made this cafe the best. They follow all the SOPs and serve excellent meals. Cafe Crunch presents a homely environment where customers can come and enjoy their meal. Café Crunch has been voted the best food place to visit in Peshawar. A visit to Peshawar is incomplete without a visit to Cafe Crunch.

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